HTAA's Australian Curriculum: History units were produced by the following team.

Unit Authors

Teaching History – Kate Cameron

Year 2: Local Site – David Boon

Year 4: First Fleet – Maria Mead

Year 6: Federation – Maree Whiteley

Year 7: Ancient Past – Dr Louise Zarmati

Year 8: Angkor – Denis Mootz

Year 9: Industrial Revolution – Ingrid Purnell

Year 10: Popular Culture – Bernie Howitt

Primary Editor

Maree Whiteley

Secondary Editor

Kate Cameron

Project Manager and Coordinating Editor

Paul Kiem

Assistant Project Manager and Video Editor

Jo Clyne

HTAA History Reference Group

Louise Secker, Dr Rosalie Triolo, Kay Bishop, Kate Cameron,
Maree Whiteley, Paul Kiem

Administrative Support

David Murray

Homepage images

Replica of the brig Amity, Albany Western Australia (ship) © Kate Cameron,
all other images © Paul Kiem