The Australian Curriculum: History introduces a discipline-based approach to teaching history in primary and secondary classrooms. This marks a shift away from more integrated approaches associated with Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE).

A discipline-based approach to teaching history requires teachers to have an understanding of the fundamentals of the discipline. All disciplines have distinctive ways of thinking and doing things. These are encapsulated in the key concepts, skills and methods of the discipline.

This foundation unit outlines the fundamentals of history and offers suggestions for teaching and learning for primary and secondary students:

  • What is history?
  • Framework for teaching
  • Historical understanding
  • How to teach history
  • Key concepts
  • Historical skills
  • Further Reading

Video discussion: Professor Stuart Macintyre: history and the Australian curriculum (Video, 2:17)
Professor Stuart Macintyre is Ernest Scott Professor of History at Melbourne University and was lead writer in the development of the Australian Curriculum: History.