First Fleet

Level: Year 4

Topic: First contacts — the First Fleet

Learning sequence: This unit is designed to help teachers resource the year 4 curriculum, with specific focus on the First Fleet. It examines the stories of both convicts and free settlers and the nature of contact between Indigenous and European communities.

The suggested activities address the skills of the year 4 curriculum, providing opportunities for students to develop both research and inquiry skills. The approach:

  • models the inquiry process: using, interpreting and analysing historical sources (images and documents)
  • promotes guided group discussion and investigation
  • supports the creation, presentation and evaluation of narratives based on evidence from historical sources
  • suggests a range of formative assessment opportunities.

See Year 4 program: the First Fleet (PDF, 202 KB)

Note that while the 'pedagogical approach' and 'teaching and learning sequence' indicate the focus of this unit, the program includes all key elements for this year level and can be used to develop programs for other topics.