Level: Year 6

Topic: Australia as a nation – Federation

Learning sequence: This unit presents a learning sequence for Year 6 students to develop their historical inquiry skills by investigating the key figures and events that led to Australia's Federation. Individually and as a group they will produce a range of presentation formats, narratives and descriptions of life at the time of Federation, based on evidence from their examination of historical sources.

The program cover shows a young woman amongst various state emblems and two flags with the union jack on them, peering towards the horizon where a bright sun is rising. The sun has the words 'Commonwe Official programme to the Commonwealth of Australia inaugual celebrations at Sydney, 1901
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The planning of activities has been based around a Multiple Intelligences/Bloom's Taxonomy Grid. Students may be involved in designing their own inquiry by selecting from the range of activities outlined on this grid.

Assessment: All student activities (including dramatic re-enactments, timelines, digital stories, board games and posters) will contribute to a culminating event, a Federation Day. This will be an opportunity for presentation and explanation, with the focus on demonstrating an understanding of cause and effect, perspectives and significance.

All suggestions in the following learning sequence are reliant upon the resources and approach outlined in the:
Year 6 program: Federation (PDF, 276 KB),
the MI/B grid student tasks (PDF, 102 KB),  and
the MI/B grid teacher planner (PDF, 107 KB),

Note that while the 'pedagogical approach' and 'teaching and learning sequence' indicate the focus of this unit, the program includes all key elements for this year level and can be used to develop programs for other topics.