Level: Year 8

Topic: Angkor

Australian Curriculum: History reference – Depth Study 2 The Asia Pacific World, Angkor/Khmer Empire (c. 802- c. 1431)

The Year 8 program: the Asia-Pacific world – Angkor (PDF, 105 KB) outlines a series of 21 lessons. The learning sequence in this unit selects lessons 8-12 from this program and suggests how they might be approached. A rich collection of source material is provided, as well as instructions for teachers seeking guidance in working with historical sources.

While the learning sequence deals with lessons 8-12, the following resources have been provided to support activities suggested in other lessons in the program:

Pyramids of Angkor (PPT, 4.4 MB) – lessons 1-2

Angkorpedia research template (PDF, 144 KB) – lessons 1-2 and 16-17

Comparative timeline of Khmer Empire and Europe (PDF, 185 KB) – lessons 3-5

Teacher reference glossary (XLS, 82 KB) – lessons 3-5

Inscriptions about kings (PDF, 193 KB) – lessons 6-7

Moving stone blocks (Slide show) – lessons 13-15

Year 8 program template (Word, 134 KB)

Year 8 lesson template (Word, 143 KB)